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DP / OPERATOR  (ARRI ALEXA - RED EPIC DRAGON - SONY FS7)  Freelance or Turn-key Film and Television Production

In 1988, my passion for cinema put me in Los Angeles, attending The Movie Group Institute. Here I studied Cinematography and Directing under the late Actor/Producer Ross Hagen (Gunsmoke, Mission Impossible, The Fall Guy). A short time later, Ross hired me to shoot the low budget, psychological cult thriller, “The Media Madman,” starring Hoke Howell (Another 48 hours, Far and Away). Not long after, I worked as Assistant Camera, for the late Gary Graver, one of the last remaining Cinematographers for Orson Wells. I would go on to shoot and direct such notables as Donald O'Conner (Singin’ in the Rain), Sarah Jessica Parker (Sex in the City), and work with a Who's Who list of Hollywood Actors, Producers, and Directors.

Emmy winning CBS Sports Docudrama "The Life and Times of Pete Maravich" (Cinematographer - Film)  -  Paramount Televisions "Seven Days" TV Series.  (Visual Effects Department)

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