Brian Johnson
Cinematographer - Director - Editor

In 1988, my passion for cinema put me in Los Angeles, attending The Movie Group Institute. Here I studied Cinematography and Directing under the late Actor/Producer Ross Hagen (Daktari, Gunsmoke, Mission Impossible, The Fall Guy). A short time later, Ross hired  me to shoot the low budget, psychological cult thriller,

“The Media Madman,” starring Hoke Howell (Another 48 hours, Far and Away, Alien Species). Not long after, I worked as Assistant Camera, for the late Gary Graver, one of the last remaining Cinematographers for Orson Wells.


I would go on to shoot and direct such notables as Donald O'Conner (Singing In The Rain), Sarah Jessica Parker (Sex In The City), and work with a Who's Who's list of Hollywood Actors, Producers, and Directors.

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Over 30 Years In The

Entertainment Business




Credits include:


Emmy winning CBS Sports

"The Life and Times of Pete Maravich"


Paramount Televisions

"Seven Days" TV Series. 

Working as 1st AC for the late Gary Graver, Cinematographer for Orson Wells.