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Over 30 Years In Film and Television Production

As a "wanna be" actor, I was initially drawn to the entertainment industry 35 years ago. My early days included small non-speaking roles in popular shows like THE GOLDEN GIRLS and EMPTY NEST, as well as AEROSMITH's "LOVE IN THE ELEVATOR" music video. However, it wasn't long before I realized that my true passion lay in the behind-the-scenes magic of filmmaking.

Eager to pursue a more creative future, I made the move to Los Angeles and enrolled in the prestigious Film Group Institute. There, I honed my skills and earned a degree in motion picture production. This opened up opportunities for me to work as a DP on my first low budget film. From there, I steadily climbed the ladder, shooting hundreds of commercials and segments for popular shows like

Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of working with exceptional talents, including the likes of
SARAH JESSICA PARKER. My experience as a First Assistant Camera with GARY GRAVER, the last remaining cinematographer for film legend ORSON WELLS, has further enriched my understanding of the craft.

As a cinematographer and camera operator, I have had the unique opportunity to collaborate closely with some of the most esteemed and award-winning filmmakers in the industry. My portfolio covers a wide range of projects, including narrative features, shorts, documentaries, network segments, music videos, and commercials. In fact, one of my projects, the CBS MOW docudrama
THE LIFE AND TIMES OF PETE MARAVICH, received multiple EMMY nominations, and I am proud to have been the cinematographer on this acclaimed production.

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